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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Screening of calcium carbonate for ZKW Otterbein

, Großenlüder

After RHEWUM in 2008 already gained the order for the delivery of a high performance screening machine type WAU 175x269/2 the Zement- und Kalkwerke Otterbein again placed an order for the manufacturing and supply of two screening machines type WA 195x225/1 directly driven by magnetic vibrating heads.

Screening task is the classifying of calcium hydroxide with the brand name Hydradur® at a separation cut of 0.2 mm (micrometer). After several tests in RHEWUM`s testing facility with very good results company ZWK Otterbein was totally convinced of the chosen technology. Zement- und Kalkwerke Otterbein Already in 1889 Georg Otterbein founded the Kalkwerke Otterbein in Müs/Germany by merging several lime kilns. Decisive for the development of the lime industry was the lime deposit in the so called "Lauterbacher Graben". This deposit mainly consist of shell limestone or “Wellenkalk”. Due to its widely spread fields of application the natural product calcium carbonate became an essential raw material for many sectors of industry.

In construction industry as well as in building materials industry, in agriculture and forestry, in iron and steel industry, in food and chemical industry or in fields of environmental protection lime is a key base material for high-grade products used in daily life. Otterbein therefore supplies a widespread portfolio on bas of natural lime: white lime, natural hydraulic lime, premium lime for fertilizers, crushed sand from lime and finest milled not-burned lime. On the other hand cement is a multifunctional binding material for concrete, for plaster, mortar and screed, for purposes in environmental protection and for road construction. Its natural mineral raw material base makes it useful, long-lasting and recyclable. On base of the raw material calcium carbonate ZKW Otterbein produces various cement products with excellent structural engineering characteristics, e.g. portland cement and blast furnace cement. Modern production facilities and up-to-date technology ensure a constant high production quality.


Hydradur ® is the only existing natural hydraulic lime EN 459-1 NHL 5 in Germany and is mainly used in preservation of historic buildings. It is applied in any case were enhanced demands for very pure lime mortar are existing and characterized by its natural colour as well as its manifold usable composition as known from historical archetypes. Today Hydradur ® is mainly used in two fields of application: as main component in mortar and plaster, lime mortar and high-grade natural plasters are slowly hardening, smooth and flexible and suitable for in- and outside. Mortar and plasters with Hydradur ® are characterized by brilliant vapour diffusion. Used as additive for concrete depending on the requirements Hydradur ® improves the workability of concrete. It is added to the concrete mixtures e.g. as supporting element for pumping or to upgrade water retention.