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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

RHEWUM replacing screening machines at GSES

, Sondershausen

During the winter period of 2012/2013 a RHEWUM screen type WA 350 x 360/3 will produce de-icing salt for the road patrol in Thüringen.

The salt will be broken and screened underground with a particle size of 0 - 5 mm for de-icing and also for certified salt for animal feed with a particle size of 0.16 mm – 0.7 mm. The actual volume of production amounts to abt. 200,000 t.p.a. The new RHEWUM WA screen is replacing a third-party product and will be continuously processing 50 t/h without blockages and resulting downtimes. The well known reliability of the RHEWUM screen will improve the efficiency of the salt production at this plant.

Glückauf Sondershausen Entwicklungs- und Sicherungsgesellschaft was founded in 1895 in the potash and salt industries. Since 1995 it has developed to a service provider and producer investing effectively in business development. As well as the removal of the appropriate mineral industrial waste from the cave, due to excellent geologic and hyrdo geologic conditions, it has been possible to build an underground depository which has been used since 2006. The less polluted mineral waste will be passed back to the mine dump so it can be recultivated. RHEWUM is supporting GSES GmbH in developing the business to extract salt.

Untertage-Marathon and Kristalllauf at GSES Bergwerk The Untertage-Sparkassen-Marathon has taken place in the Brügman mine since 2002 and is an important heat of the region with up to 400 runners. Groups of 15 people are transported by means of a conveyor cage to their destination within 3 minutes. The marathon is carried out in a circuit of 10.5 km which has to be completed four times. The distance is leveled out and each circuit that has to be completed has an altitude difference of 310 m. The temperature varies between 22 - 31 °C depending on the route section and fresh air. Air humidity decreases to less than 30 % so runners have to achieve a high physical and mental performance. Due to security reasons all runners are obliged to wear helmets during the heat. Besides the established marathon and the crystal heat of 10 km, a half marathon will also take place in the future.