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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

New drives for RHEWUM´s screening machines type WAU

, Remscheid

Forthwith the directly excited RHEWUM screening machines type WAU are fitted with new drives.

In the course of the continuous development of this world wide approved and maintenance free drive it was optimized in respect of construction again. Up to now the drives were mounted on the shaft via an adapter plate – these adapter plates are dropping out from now on. The out-of-balance drives are mounted directly. The advantage for RHEWUM´s customers is the reduction of the moved masses and therewith the loss of energy. This minimization of loss of energy allows higher accelerations. The screen meshes are kept free and ready-to-operate - even better than before. The new out-of-balance drives are upwardly compatible, all drives using the former construction can be exchanged against the new ones. Contact us!

RHEWUM screening machines type WAU The screening machine type WAU was patented for the first time in 1970 and since then was copied many times but never reached with regard to its performance. The well-thought-out and maintenance free drive was and is developed in respect of function and life time continuously. During normal operation the drives are generating a harmonic high-frequency vibration which is carried to the screen mesh in a very gentle way. Plagiarisms using pendulum axes or impact axes are not able to generate the high-frequency amplitudes which are absolutely necessary for fine screening tasks. Trust the original and your own expertise!