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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Magnetic Screening Machine for Perlite

, Henan

On 15th of January 2012 RHEWUM GmbH supplied a screening machine type WA for screening of perlite to S&B Minerals (Henan, China).

The screening machine of installation size WA 135x225/2 separates at 3.0 mm and 1.5 mm. Due to the adjustable design the inclination of the screening machine can be adapted universally to the angle of repose of the material to be screened, an advantage especially for the screening of natural materials such as perlite.

Perlite   Is a volcanic natural stone with a vast field of applications in the building industry. It is generated from lava which was cooled down rapidly by contact with water and under high pressure at the same time. Chemically seen it is an aluminium silicate with a content of silicon dioxide (SiO2) of minimum 70%. The best known deposit in Europe is the Cyclades island Milos in Greece. The perlite is excavated in an open pit mine and directly shipped. Besides it´s applications in the building industry it is used as a soil conditioner in the agricultural industry and for the aeration in composting processes. By roasting at temperatures of 800 – 1000°C raw perlite can be expanded to Bloated Perlite with very good heat-insulating characteristics. Additionally Bloated Perlite is used as filler for plaster and dry mortar. The use of raw perlite in iron foundries as slag binder is based on its high alkali content (Na2O + K2O), the slag can be removed easier.

S&B Industrial Minerals S.A.   Since its establishment in 1934 in Athens, Greece, Silver & Baryte expands its fields of activities to more than 40 subsidiaries which are operating in more than 40 countries. S&B extracts and processes mineral raw materials such as bentonite, perlite, zeolite, wollastonite and a large number of further special products. S&B is a well acknowledged partner of the foundry, refractories, building and paper industry.