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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

RHEWUM replaces conventional gyratory screen in Australia

, Melbourne

To double the feed capacity of ammonium nitrate (AN) to 110 t/h the actually installed flat screen of a competitor has to be replaced.

The choice was passed to RHEWUM so to reach this high screen capacity within very small space conditions. Therefor, a conventional flat screen has to be replaced by a high performance stainless-steel screener of RHEWUM type WA(U)350x269/450/2. Screen cuts to be realized are defined to 4,0 mm and 1,0 mm. The screener has to handle product temperatures up to 118°C. Whereas the consulting, tendering and technical evaluation was arranged by WorleyParsons at Melbourne, Australia, the order processing is under responsibility of Messrs. AECOM at Perth, Australia.   To fulfill customer's high quality demand the bottom deck will be excited by the approved electro-magnetic drives WA whereas the upper deck by maintenance-free drives of type WAU. To cope with labour protection directives the screen will have noise protection devices.   A main reason to decide on a RHEWUM screener was, besides the construction- based reliability due to the variety of drives, that one machine half can be stopped during production for reasons of maintenance.   CSBP is expecting the delivery of the screener in November 2012.  


CSBP is an important producer of chemicals, fertilizers as well as on-going services for the mining industry. Besides agriculture CSBP is delivering also products for coal and iron ore mining as well as for the gold- and nickel extraction in West Australia.   Thereby CSBP is an enterprise belonging to the  Wesfarmes Chemicals, Energy & Fertiliser group. Production and administration is located at Kwinana, Australia, of about 40 km south of Perth. In addition CSBP has stores at Geraldton, Bunbury, Albany and Esperance.  

Wesfarmers Ltd.   Founded 1914 as agricultural cooperative (WEStern FARMERS Cooperative) and since then growed up to one of the greatest Australian enterprise  


The historical development of  WorleyParsons started 1971 when John Grill,  today's CEO of Messrs. Smith, joined to de Kantzow & Wholohina.  Since then the company growed continuously due to a worldwide local presence as well as activity diversification. In 2004 Worley took over Parsons E&C,  a well-respected establishment in the sector of energy production, gas, oil and petrochemicals. Meanwhile WP has 38000 collaborators  in 44 countries.  

AECOM   Messrs. Aecom are understanding themselves as a global enterprise processing professionally large-scale projects in numerous industrial sectors.  Its 45.000 employees had processed successfully projects in more than 130 countries. Headquarters are at Los Angeles, USA.