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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Orica Australia Pty. Ltd. chooses RHEWUM

, New South Wales

The location of the ammonium nitrate production for the "Project Trident" is Newcastle in NSW (New South Wales) Australia.

After the RHEWUM GmbH already received a contract for the design, construction and delivery of a screener for ammonium nitrate to Australia in March 2011, this year in May a similar definition of project could be recorded, also in Australia. Scope of supply is a screening machine with direct excitation of screen cloths type RHEWUM WAU size WAU 150x269/3. The machine should be inserted for screening of prilled ammonium nitrate. The feed rate will be 50 t/h, separating cuts are 2,8 mm and 1,0 mm. The middle of the three decks will complete as de-loading deck with a de-loading cut of 1,8 mm. While coarse and fine material being lead back into the process, the on-size product will be stored temporarily in western area of the country, for distribution at the australian mining industry. The order was placed by Orica Australia Pty Ltd., who is also system operator. The advertisement, planning and construction will be operated by Worley Parsons Pty ltd. services with head office in Melbourne. The screening machine type RHEWUM WAU 150x269/3 will be delivered early in December 2012.

Orica Australia Pty Ltd. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Orica is a global publicly-listed company (ORI) with 14,000 employees worldwide, based in offices in over 50 countries, providing products and services to customers in twice that many. Consisting of three business units, Orica has evolved to become one of the world's leading mining services companies: Orica Mining Systems (OMS) is the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives, blasting systems and blast based services. Products in the sector of bulk cargo are: Fortis, Centris, Civec, Fortran, Subtek, Aquacharge and Flexigel. Minova is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical-based consumables, bolts, equipment, accessories and services for ground consolidation, roof support, ventilation and water control to the underground mining, tunnelling and civil construction markets. Orica chemicals comprises of six businesses: Mining Chemicals, Chemicals Australia, Chemicals New Zealand, Chemicals Latin America, Bronson & Jacobs and Watercare. Orica chemicals is the largest supplier for industry chemicals like chlorine, caustic soda and similar products in Australia.

Worley Parsons The historical development of Worley Parsons starts in 1971, as John Griller, todays CEO of company Smith, de Kantzow  & Wholohina joined. Since that time, the company grew steadily with a worldwide local presence as well as a diversification of achievement. In the year 2004 Worley took over the company Parsons E&C, a famous company in the sector energy production, gas, oil and petrochemistry. Today Worley Parsons employs 38.000 people in 44 countries.