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New High Performance Air Classifier, Type RHEWUM ABX

, Remscheid

New Generation of efficient RHEWUM air classifier, Type RHEWUM ABX

The aim of the complete redesign was to improve the already very effective AWR air classifier again. In addition to the 3D design with attached dynamic FEM simulation, particle flows were simulated by using CFD. The ABX air classifier is a top-loader, which means the feed material is finely dispersed with a distributor wheel and with an optimized air flow it is offered to a cylindrical rotor.

Only this design allows an optimal separation result with a high dust load of up to 700 g/m3 and a decrease in pressure of only 9-12 mbar. For our customers these figures mean lower operating costs for life compared to conventional air classifiers. Since the flow of material is isolated by a distributor wheel right in front of the air classifier and not in the air stream the usual wear in casing is minimized because through this only flows unloaded air. Besides the air classifier itself only the distributor wheel has to be executed in wear-resistant material. This also reduces the costs of operation. The RHEWUM ABX air classifier combines functional principles of a Sturtevant classifier and an Onoda classifier to an entirely new type of classifier. Contact us!