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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Screening of Dry Mortar in Thailand

, Saraburi

After in 2011 RHEWUM already awarded the contract for manufacturing of 4 double screening aggregates by SCG Siam Mortar cement in 2012 RHEWUM received a follow-up order from SCG again.

In the year 2008 Siam Mortar Cement (SMC) ordered eight RHEWUM screening machines type WA 440x538/2 and WAU 440x600/3 for screening of dry mortar. The machines are producing six mono-fractioned ready-mixed plaster grades at a plant in Saraburi, Thailand. Main factor for placing the order at RHEWUM was the patented drive concept with static machine housing which allows an advantageous plant layout (arrangement of the screening machine at large height above the hopper). Besides this the reduced energy consumption of the RHEWUM screening machines was essential as well. The required fine separations can only be realized by using the magnetic drive principle developed by RHEWUM. Other screening machines do not reach approximately the high product quality with such high production capacities at the same time. Based on the good experience of operating RHEWUM screening machines Siam Mortar Cement (SMC) decided again for the RHEWUM concept, which outmatches the standard. Because of the good experiences with the plant in Saraburi SMC again ordered 4 RHEWUM screening machines for the plant in Khaeng Khoi for an increased capacity of this time 2,4 MTPA respectively 330 t/h for one production line! Total power needed for the screening process is  < 45 kW respectively  < 0,15 kWh/t feed. On the long run the low production costs are surely an advantage in competition for SMC.  

About Siam Mortar Cement SMC

Siam Mortar Cement is a 100 percent subsidiary of SCG Cement Group and produces the successful trademark “Tiger Mortar”. The SCG Group produces different “grey cement“ and “white cement” as well as cement precast parts and refractory materials on their own. Famous trademarks are “White Tiger Brand” and “White Elephant Brand”. Some of the members of the group of companies are e.g.: SCG Building Materials Co. Ltd, The Siam Fibre-Cement, The Fibre Cement Co., Tip Fibre-Cement Products, SCG Landscape Co., Siam Fiberglass, Cementhai Gypsum, Cementhai Ceramics, Thai Ceramic Co., Cementthai Roof Holdings Philipines, Sosuco and Group, PT. Suyra Siam Keramik, Saraburirat Co., CPAC Roof Tile Co., CPAC Roof Tile Co., CPAC Monier Philipines, SCG-Sekisui Sales Co., PT. Siam-Indo Gypsum Industry.