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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Fabrication of accumulators with the aid of RHEWUM screens

, Pittsburgh

Via its partner for many years, the Alexanderwerk GmbH, RHEWUM supplied two screening machines type RHEWUM WA 350x225/269/2 made of stainless steel.

These machines are used for screening of cathode material for a new type of accumulators manufactured by a well-known company. The required screen cuts are 100 and 1.000 micron and have to be met very precisely. The notable company manufactures cost-efficient sodium ion accumulators for the intermediate storage of electrical power. Since these accumulators are cheaper in production on the one hand side and more heat resistant on the other hand side this may be a key technology for future methods of electrical power storage. The sodium-ion batteries have less store capacity than standard batteries but due to their heat resistance they for example can be placed permanently directly beneath a solar cell in the desert without any sunscreen. Besides their potential advantages in terms of environmental balance sodium-ion accumulators provide the advantage of all-around availability compared to Lithium. For the industrial production a new plant will be set up in Pittsburgh, USA. Main engineering for this plant is done by company Alexanderwerk GmbH located in Remscheid, Germany, which provides significant long year experience in planning such plant for the production of battery compounds.   Alexanderwerk AG The founder and owner of Alexanderwerk, Alexander von Nahmer, once on a trip in the US discovered the meat mincing machine. Already at this time the function of this machine was based on the principle of the predefined comminution of products. Firstly he produced meat mincing machines under licence. Yet in the year 1899 the company was listed at the stock exchange. In addition to aliments solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry were developed starting with the year 1930. Helpful in doing this was the before gained experience in the fields of comminution, agitating, grating, kneading and mixing. Today Alexanderwerk is one of the leading companies in the production of granulators and roller presses for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and plans and markets respective plants for ambitious products.