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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Mobile RHEWUM Screens on duty

, Remscheid

As of now RHEWUM provides its mobile screening machines type WA(U) for tests on site for interested customers.

The screens are independent of power supply at plant site (including supply voltage) and due to their size of 0.5 m in width by 1.0 m in length capable to process feed rates from some hundred kg up to some tons per hour. For optimization of the screening process the inclination of the screen can be adapted to the requirements of the material to be screened. As a standard the screens are equipped with screen mesh size of 0.2 – 0.5 mm, additional sizes can be ordered by request. This mobile screening machines type WA(U) 5x10/1 have a weight of 600 kg each, this includes a small feeder and generator. The screens can be chartered for tests for a period up to two month for a token amount. A training by RHEWUM staff of 1 – 2 days before starting the tests is included in this period.

 By use of the mobile machines screening tests with active material what cannot be sent to RHEWUM´s testing facilities due to its characteristics (e.g. temperature, moisture content, hygroscopic properties) can also be used to find the right dimensions of a screening machine for final use.

Are you interested? Contact us – your partner is Mr. Dietmar Koch, phone no. +49 2191 5767 139!