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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

RHEWUM supplies Fertinagro International

, Mission

In the coming weeks RHEWUM will supply a screening machine type WAU 220x600/1 with a feeder type AV 2200 to the

world-renowned company Fertinagro International.

The construction shall be made for screening NPK fertilizers. In addition to nitrogen, this specific fertilizer contains phosphorus and potassium as well. RHEWUM is pleased with the new business relations in France and is looking forward to a prosperous cooperation.

Fertinagro International

Fertinagro has developed its geographical presence through international commercial subsidiaries in three continents: Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine), Africa (Algeria, Senegal) and the Americas (Mexico, Argentina), offering a comprehensive catalogue of fertilizers capable of meeting farmers’ needs.

Here you can find detailed information.