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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

RHEWUM sieves for DAP

, Istanbul

New screening machines for BAGFAS BANDIRMA GÜBRE FABRIKALARI A.Ş., EUROCHEM LIFOSA and MAROC PHOSPHORE belonging to the OCP group.

In 1968 RHEWUM constructed the first machines for screening DAP. Since this order RHEWUM regularly delivers screens to well-known fertilizer manufacturers all over the world. The last orders were booked for BAGFAS in Turkey. For this purpose a 2+2 machine with a task achievement of up to 4320 tpd has been constructed. For that matter a screening machine type RHEWUM WAU 195x269/1 (separation at 1 mm) and a screening machine type RHEWUM WAU 175x400/1 (separation at 1 mm) are inserted. The machine was planned in collaboration with UMDE in Turkey under license of INCRO. EUROCHEM LIFOSA in Lithuania ordered a screening machine type RHEWUM WAU 195x538/2 for 2.900 tpd in 2012. Encouraged by good experiences with the RHEWUM technology the company ordered a similar machine for screening DAP. In 2012 the company MAROC PHOSPHORE (OCP group) ordered 14 fully automated feeders for granulated DAP with outputs between 75 and 200 t/h, which were designed to meet customer requirements. The customer selected the company JACOB ENGINEERING S.A. (JESA) for the handling of the order. Many years of experience in the construction of screening machines made us world's leading producer of screening machines for DAP (diammonium phosphate). We are constantly developing our products with the aim to achieve more efficiency at lower costs.  Do you want to benefit from our technologies? If you require more information or advice, please call us or simply send us an e-mail to sales@rhewum.de.  

Chemical sum formula DAP

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