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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

3 wet screening machines for Soda Polska Ciech S.A.

, Warsaw

RHEWUM screening machines separate lime milk from impurities. RHEWUM was entrusted with the planning, design and production of three de-watering screening machines of type ES 750x2240/1 for the deposition of up to 130-170 m³/h lime milk.

 The screening machines are equipped with wedge sieve plates for separation at 1.5 mm.

Lime milk

Mostly produced by the slaking of burnt lime. A whitish milky suspension, which separates itself. Is used, for neutralization of acids or in the context of flue gas desulfurization in power plants, for example.


Soda Ciech Group

In 2007 Soda Ciech emerged from the company Janikowskie Zakłady Sodowe Janikosoda and Inowrocławskie Zakłady Chemiczne Soda Mątwy. Besides the production of soda ash, Ciech also manufactures epoxy polyester resins and other chemical products at nine locations and is one of the largest companies in Poland. The locations includes inter alia: Sodawerk Strassfurt GmbH & Co. KG, SC Uzinele Sodice Govora, the Ciech Chemical Group, Zaklady Chemidze Organika-Sarzyna SA, Vitrosilicon SA and Ciech Pianki Sp. Z.o.o.