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RHEWUM app receives a new feature

, Remscheid

The RHEWUM app which is available since autumn 2014 has been extended by a further smart function - and this result is also impressive!

With the help of the MeshConverter feature the app-users can quickly and easily convert screen mesh sizes from SI units into the Anglo-American unit system. The basis of this conversion is exclusively on the DIN-main and secondary lines, which are converted to ASTM International norm (original American Society for Testing and Materials) and also to Tyler standard.

In addition the new app feature allows a smooth conversion of mesh sizes into separation cuts for inclined screens. This requires detailed knowledge of the screen inclination, which can be conveniently determined by using the built-in tilt sensor of the corresponding terminal.

It applies to this innovative RHEWUM function as well: all which handle screening and bulk materials benefit from this unique technology!