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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

RHEWUM supports client in difficult situation

, Remscheid

After RHEWUM was permitted in 2015 to supply screening machines of the type WAU 300x450/1 as well as feeders for the production of fertilizers such as TSP and NPK, we received the order for replacement of the before provided machines.

This was not due to the age of the machines, but to an accident that occurred at a fertilizer manufacturer in the Middle East this summer. This manufacturer produces approximately 1.8 tons of fertilizer from locally mined phosphate minerals.

During a devastating fire many silos caught fire. Through conveyor belts and cable trays that were located in the factory, the fire spread quickly to nearby equipment parts.

Also affected by the fire was the area of fertilizer screening. At this stage, the granulated product is being classified highly selective by RHEWUM screening machines into the desired grain sizes.

At a quickly executed inspection visit, RHEWUM‘s engineers were only able to state a total damage of the entire equipment due to the high temperature of the fire; a restauration was not possible.

Because of the respective equipment parts‘ total breakdown, the manufacturer has to face severe production losses and therefore financial losses. Thus, the immediate recommissioning of the plant is highly prioritized.

Still during the local inspection visit, the technical realization as well as the quickest supply date were agreed on.

In this respect, RHEWUM provides a decisive part as the entire screening machinery consisting of four WAU machines of the type WAU 300x450/1 including SV 3000 feeders and an after-treatment of two RIUS screening machines of the type RIUS 1000x2500/1, is being delivered to the Middle East within only 16 weeks.

The recommissioning of the important production can already start at the beginning of 2016.