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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

OMNIA Fertilizer South Africa continues upgrading its bulk loading

, Gauteng

Mixed fertilizers such as NPK or LAN (Limestone Ammonium Fertilizer), which is called CAN (Calcium Ammonium Fertilizer) in Europe, are subject to changes of the grain distribution caused by transportation or temporary storage after granulation.

Due to the hygroscopic behavior of the fertilizer, agglomerates (lumps) are formed during storage. Whereas the transport produces abrasion that appears as undesired dust in the packaging unit. Both lead to difficulties in spreading the fertilizer. The end customer recognizes these unfavorable product features immediately with the unaided eye without performing measurement of the grain distribution. However, the particle size distribution is a guaranteed quality characteristic of the product. In order to avoid expensive claims, more and more fertilizer producers start installing a so-called control screening directly before loading or packaging. This ensures that the guaranteed product quality is given at the time of handing over. With increasing production rates the potential expenses related to complaints inevitably become higher, too. The screening before loading or delivery prevents customer complaints confidently. Eventually, customer satisfaction increases due to assured product quality. Encouraged by good experiences, OMNIA upgrades already its second loading line with RHEWUM screens. A compact RHEWUM screen of the type WAU 195x360/2 ensures the loading of a production of almost 2000 tons per day (80 t/h). At the same time, the space required is minimal: The installation of such a RHEWUM screening machine needs only 4 x 6 meters for set-up. The investment costs are therefore comparatively low. We will be pleased to advise you about possibilities for your business- Contact us!