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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

May we introduce: The WA6 module with simplified operation


The WA6 is the most modern component for your directly excited RHEWUM WA screening machine due to its simplified operation and its downward-compatible functionality and size. You have full control over the screening process.

Since we have developed our WA screening machines, we have also continuously improved the components we use for electronic control. With the help of this module you can control the intensity of the WA vibration heads, which transmit the vibrations directly to the screen cloth. With the WA6 module, you can perfectly adjust the WA screening machine to your screening product. You can regulate it either on the device in the control cabinet or remotely from a distance with a setpoint value specified by the process control system. The cleaning impulse can also be individually adjusted and ensures that the screen cloth cleans itself at regular intervals.

Adjustment and operation are now even easier thanks to an LCD display with optimized menu navigation. Due to the downward compatibility, the predecessor modules WA3, WA4 and WA5 can be easily exchanged. The identical hole pattern means that not even holes need to be drilled for installation when replacing the predecessor models - everything just fits. Further information can be found in the instruction booklet. The WA6 can even replace its pre-pre-pre-predecessor, the WA1, which was first used about 50 years ago. This is what we at RHEWUM understand by investment security for our customers.

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