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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Individual revamp of fertilizer screens


Where others screen, we strive for the perfect solution. Thanks to our technical know-how and deep knowledge of complex screening requirements, we were able to convince a customer from the fertilizer industry to convert his existing RHEWUM screening machine.

As part of a capacity expansion project, we developed an individual solution in close collaboration with our customer. The customer already had two older RHEWUM screening machines of the type WAU 195x450/2 in combination with two RHEWUM SV 1950 feeders in use. Where others might have sold a new screening machine, we worked on a conversion of the existing machines in order to offer the customer a cost-effective and ecological solution.

Both RHEWUM WAU screening machines were originally equipped with two screening decks each. In order to achieve the capacity expansion requested by the customer, the existing screens have been modified to single deck screens and two further screening machines with larger screening area were integrated into the plant. Furthermore, the RHEWUM SV feeders were rebuilt and extended by a two way chute for even distribution of the material flow to the feeders. This ensures optimum grain feeding of the granulated NPK fertilizer.

Thanks to the successful conversion measures, the RHEWUM screening machines, which are more than ten years old, can continue to be used. This was achieved through the successful cooperation of the customer with the RHEWUM design, manufacturing and commissioning department.

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