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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

BK Giulini continues to rely on screening machines from RHEWUM

, Remscheid

The company BK Giulini from Ladenburg, Germany, which sells its products under the brand name ICL, used an old screening machine from RHEWUM to classify monosodium phosphates as well as sodium pyrophosphates. These mentioned phosphates can be found among others in food, cosmetics or also in metal surface treatment. For 50 years this screening machine type B27/180 has been in operation at BK Giulini. The high maintenance requirements in recent years have now prompted the company to replace the old machine.

BK Giulini has again decided in favour of a screening machine made by RHEWUM as the good quality and reliability of these screening machines speak for themselves. The challenge this time was to maintain the supply and discharge assemblies and thus to manufacture the new screening machine with a perfect fit. As it is essential in the food industry that products are free of any contamination, the screening machine was manufactured from the high quality stainless steel 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti). Due to the high performance screening machine type WAU, both classification (separation at 0.15 mm) and maintenance could be optimized considerably.

"The difficult conditions due to the precisely fitting production and the fact that standard components could still be used which are already successfully in use at the site were decisive points for us to decide again for the technology of RHEWUM GmbH", says Mr. Mevlit Murati, who is the Operation Engineer and contact person at BK Giulini. We would like to thank BK Giulini for their long lasting confidence in our competence and hope that this screening machine will also provide best performance for at least 50 years.

Would you also like to replace your old screening machine by the latest RHEWUM technology? Then please contact us now. Our screening experts are at your disposal with their expertise.