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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

The best screening machines for KCL crystallizate will soon be active in Nezhinsky Mine

, Remscheid

The internationally operating company FAMAKO Anlagenexport GmbH relies for its customer Slavkaliy on the reliable quality of RHEWUM screening machines type RIUS.

The current situation is not an easy one. Not only in the private sector but also economically for many companies. All the more we are pleased that we are allowed to produce new RHEWUM high performance screening machines type RIUS 1500 x 3000/1 for our customer FAMAKO. The RIUS series are flat vibrating linear vibrating screens for the medium and coarse grain range. Due to their relatively compact and simple design they are a versatile solution for different separation tasks. In this case, our RIUS are used in the production area of drying KCL (potash chloride) crystallisate. With these machines it is also possible to screen the KCL crystallisate with a temperature of approx. 165 °C with high separation efficiency.

Would you like to learn more about our products and their specific areas of application? Then contact us now. Our screening experts will be pleased to help you.