Our new names for our machines

20.10.2021, Remscheid

Improved recognition of specialized functions and better orientation

RHEWUM screening machines now have new names which make their function and special features readily apparent. This way, we not only do better justice to our high quality machines, we also offer new and existing customers a better overview.

H3 Screening machines with direct excitation of the screening mesh

Our well-known vibration screening machines from the RHEsono® family now have different names according to their drive systems: The WA with its magnetic drive is now RHEsono®, and the WAF is now RHEsonox®. The WA vibration machines with unbalance motors, WAU and WAUF, have now respectively been renamed RHEmoto® and RHEmotox. The vibration screening machines suitable for wet screening, WAFL and WAUFL, are now RHEhydra® and RHEwato.

H3 Double frequency screening machines

The new designations for our popular double frequency screening machines now emphasize their double nature: The DF is now RHEduo®, and the larger DFM is now RHEduox®.

Screening machines with linear and circular motion

These flexible screening machines, which have many practical applications, have been renamed with their versatility in mind: The RIUS is now RHEflex®, the multiplan sifter MDS for finest separations is now RHEstack®, and the robust, powerful UG has been designated RHEox.

Wet screening machines

RHEWUM screening machines not only separate dry goods, they also help with dewatering and drying, and of course they also screen wet materials. The UGN, a robust wet screening machine, was therefore named RHEhydrox, the powerful dewatering screen ES has earned the name RHEdry.

Feeders and conveyors

Just as important as choosing the right screening machine is the choice of how to feed it with material. Feeders and conveyors made by RHEWUM can substantially improve the quality of production.

The RHEWUM spiral conveyor moves material upwards, and was therefore renamed RHElift. The ZR, a circular valve, is now RHEspin. According to where the material enters the conveyor, the SV is now the RHEside, and the AV is now the RHEmid.

The robust RIU is now simply RHEtrans, and the RIM is now RHEfeed. Both names now immediately clarify the function of these machines! The same is true of the RHEWUM ROU, which is now the RHEtube.

Screening machines for ultrafine separations

For ultrafine separations, such as are needed for screening metal powder or color pigments, RHEWUM uses guided jets of air. This feature became the focus when finding new names: The ABX is now the RHEjet, and the PWA/ Powderjet, popular for screening findest powders, is now RHEair.

Further equipment

RHEWUM not only produces screening machines and conveyors, but offers additional equipment for screening machines. Our SizeChecker is now instantly recognizable as a RHEWUM product under the name RHEsize.

The new designations illustrate the functions and special features of our machines, and improve the overall view of our versatile screening technology. And last but not least, this makes it easier to choose the best screening machine for our customers' individual production needs.

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