Optimization of Silica Sand Processing: Insights into the Performance of Modern Screening Machines


Markus Hollbach, RHEWUM GmbH

Silica Sand in Industrial Application

Silica sand, a naturally occurring material, finds versatile application areas in industry and construction. Due to its chemical and physical properties, such as high purity and strength, silica sand plays a crucial role in the manufacture of glass, foundry products, and as a filter medium. The challenge in processing silica sand lies in achieving the required grain size distribution and purity to meet the diverse application requirements.

The Importance of Screening Machines for Silica Sand

In the process of silica sand processing, screening machines are indispensable. They enable efficient separation by grain sizes, an important precondition for the further processing of the material. Modern screening technologies offer the possibility to maintain precise separation cuts and thus a high product quality even at high throughput rates. The selection of the suitable screening principle and machine configuration depends on the specific properties of the silica sand as well as the requirements of the downstream process steps.

The Role of RHEWUM Screening Machines in Silica Sand Processing

RHEWUM is a leading manufacturer of high-quality screening machines and offers solutions specifically tailored to the requirements of silica sand processing. Through direct excitation of the screen mesh, RHEWUM screening machines achieve precise classification and effective prevention of clogging. A key aspect that distinguishes RHEWUM's technology is the ability to classify different grain sizes accurately through targeted vibration while simultaneously minimizing wear on the machine.

With the RHEstack® series of flat screen sifters, silica sand processors can benefit from the production of several high-purity fractions in a single pass. The modularity and flexibility of the systems allow for quick adaptation to changing production requirements without cumbersome retrofitting processes. This is particularly advantageous when different grain sizes are required.

Application-Specific Advantages of RHEWUM Screening Technology

The use of modern screening machines for the processing of silica sand offers several advantages. The high separation sharpness of RHEWUM machines ensures that the desired grain sizes are precisely achieved, which is of crucial importance for industries such as the glass and foundry industry. Furthermore, the innovative design of the screening machines ensures maximum availability through integrated cleaning systems, which reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

Due to the low maintenance effort and the durability of RHEWUM screening machines, users not only benefit from low operational costs but also contribute to environmental protection through resource conservation and reduction of energy consumption.


Silica sand processing is a complex process that requires precise grain size separation to guarantee high-quality end products. RHEWUM's advanced screening machines offer tailor-made solutions that enable these requirements to be met efficiently and effectively. With a combination of high separation sharpness, reliability, and durability, RHEWUM screening machines set new standards in silica sand processing and support users in achieving their production goals and enhancing product quality.

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