Industrial Screener RHEduo®

The drive principle of the RHEduo® is based on the use of two unbalance motors with different speeds. The motor with the lower speed and the greater amplitude is mounted on the inlet side, the one with the higher speed and the smaller amplitude on the outlet side.

At the inlet, the product is loosened and mixed by the large vibration amplitude. At the outlet, the high frequency of the motor ensures precise screening even of difficult-to-screen product due to the higher acceleration. By changing the directions of rotation, the transportation speed of the material to be screened can be specifically influenced.

Advantages of the RHEduo® industrial screener

  • At the inlet side, a large vibration amplitude ensures the disaggregation of the material
  • At the outlet, the material is sharply classified with a low vibration amplitude and high frequency
  • Static machine housing includes the screening unit allowing fixed flange connections
  • Low dynamic loads
  • Drives are easily accessible
  • Resistant to high temperatures of the screening material (up to 450 °C/ 842°F)
  • By changing the directions of rotation, the transportation speed of the screening material can be influenced systematically

Product data

Screen decks
Up to 6
Screen width
1,350 mm - 2,300 mm (53.1 in. - 90.6 in.)
Screen length
1,800 mm - 6,000 mm (70.9 in. - 236.2 in.)
Separation cuts
Approx. 1 - 25 mm (18 Me. - 1 in.)
Type of drive
Two low-maintenance unbalance motors with different speeds
Type of vibration
Circular vibration
Cleaning system
Optional cleaning chain
Screening media
Wire mesh
Production quantity
Min. 25 t/h (55,115 lbs/h)
Electrical power
Between 2.5 kW and 19 kW

The RHEduo® industrial screener is available with ...

  • FDA and ATEX compliance
  • feed box and spray system for wet classification