Grain Separator

Two unbalanced motors with different numbers of poles generate a double-frequency vibration for precise screening.

At the inlet side, a large vibration amplitude ensures that the material is disaggregated and transported away. Then, on the discharge side, a smaller vibration amplitude with higher acceleration is used to classify even difficult-to-screen products with high separation accuracy.

Advantages of the RHEduox® grain separator

  • At the inlet side, a large vibration amplitude ensures the disaggregation of the material
  • At the outlet, the material is sharply classified with a low vibration amplitude and high frequency
  • Flexible flange and collar seals at the inlet and outlet enable a dust-free operation
  • Compact design
  • Drives are easily accessible
  • Resistant to high temperatures of the screening material (up to 450 °C/ 842°F)
  • By changing the direction of rotation, the transportation speed of the screening material can be influenced systematically

Product data

Screen decks
Up to 6
Screen width
1,350 mm - 2,200 mm (53.1 in. - 86.6 in.)
Screen length
1,800 mm - 5,000 mm (70.9 in. - 196.9 in.)
Separation cuts
Approx. 1 - 25 mm (18 Me. - 1 in.)
Type of drive
Two low-maintenance unbalance motors with different speeds
Type of vibration
Circular vibration
Cleaning system
Optional cleaning chain
Screening media
Wire mesh
Production quantity
Min. 25 t/h (55,115 lbs/h)
Electrical power
Between 2.5 kW and 19 kW

The RHEduox® grain separator is available with …

  • standing or hanging design
  • FDA and ATEX compliance