High-precision screen

With a combination of steel and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), the RHElite is the best choice for screening the finest high-end products.

This machine is designed for precision, enables high capacity and achieves clean separation of the finest particles. Its superior separation efficiency exceeds that of conventional models and off ers an energyefficient solution tailored to the requirements of modern industry. The RHElite increases your operational efficiency while promoting sustainability through lower energy consumption. Perfect for industries that require the highest levels of precision and reliability.

How is it possible to build such a screening machine ?

Due to the anisotropic behaviour of certain types of GRP (glass fi bre reinforced plastic), in which the mechanical properties such as strength and rigidity
vary depending on the direction, the machine can be optimized for specific load directions. This enables a more efficient and targeted use of materials.

Advantages of the RHElite high-efficiency screening machine

  • Optimized for precision: The RHElite, specially developed for ultra-fine screening of high-end products, ensures outstanding precision in particle separation and increases the quality of your products
  • Advanced lightweight design: With carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), this machine offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which reduces energy consumption and simplifies installation and relocation
  • Improved performance: The RHElite is designed to handle higher loads efficiently, increasing throughput and overall performance to meet the high demands of modern industry
  • Hybrid construction: A robust combination of steel and CFRP creates a stable structure that combines durability with lightweight construction advantages and ensures long-term reliability
  • Environmentally friendly efficiency: The RHElite is designed for lower power consumption and thus contributes to sustainable operating goals and a lower environmental impact

Product data

Screen decks
Screen width
Up to 1,500 mm
Screen length
Up to 4,500 mm
Separation cuts
Approx. 25 µm - 2 mm (500 Me. - 5 Me.)
Type of drive
Two counter-rotating unbalance drives, e.g. smart motors by GeniusDrivePlus®
Type of vibration
Linear vibration
Screening media
Steel screen cloths
Production quantity
Min. 2.5 t/h (5,511 lbs/h)
Electrical power
Between 1.8 KW and 6.3 kW