The RHEsizer is a compact multi-deck screening machine with a space-saving housing that offers maximum efficiency and precision.

Due to the varying inclination angles of several short screen decks, the screen openings appear smaller, which allows larger meshes with the same separation accuracy as with flat screens, and therefore reduce clogging as well as material layering. In this context, the separation quality of the multi-deck probability screen is limited when considered per screen deck, but if these screen decks are combined to produce one fraction, a considerable screening result is achieved even with a compact design.

Advantages of the Sizer RHEsizer

  • High feed capacity
  • Small compact design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced downtime due to good external accessibility
  • Long service life due to robust design and low-maintenance unbalance motors
  • Very low transmission of vibrations into the building

Product data

Screen decks
2 to 6
Screen width
600 mm – 1,950 mm
Screen length
1,200 mm – 3,000 mm
Separation cuts
Approx. 0.5 mm - 15 mm
Type of drive
Two low-maintenance unbalance motors
Type of vibration
Linear vibration
Screening media
Wired mesh, perforated plates, press welded mesh, polymer screen surfaces, etc.
Production quantity
Min. 15 t/h
Electrical power
Between 2.4 kW and 10.2 kW

The Sizer RHEsizer is available …

  • as standing version on springs and as hanging version in ropes for decoupling the vibration
  • with large inspection openings
  • with FDA and ATEX conformity