Multi-deck plansifters are designed for a wide range of sharp separations in the medium to fine particle range from 20 μm (635 Me.). The material is transported using the microthrow principle. 

By using the drive of two counter-rotating unbalance motors, which generate a linear vibration, the particles are subjected to a large number of individual throws until they leave the machine. The screening material moves in a linear motion over the horizontal separating surface. In this process, the screening machine operates with low vibration acceleration and thus with very low wear on both screen cloths and machine components.

Advantages of the RHEstack® plansifter

  • Material transport is based on the microthrow principle, which maximizes separation efficiency
  • Vibration amplitudes are freely adjustable
  • Low wear thanks to low vibration acceleration and microthrow principle
  • Due to the modular system, a wide variety of technological screen combinations can be realized

Product data

Screen decks
Up to 15 decks and 11 factions
Screen width
500 mm - 2,000 mm (19.7 in. - 78.7 in.)
Screen length
700 mm - 2,800 mm (27.6 in. - 110.2 in)
Separation cuts
Approx. 20 μm - 4 mm (635 Me. - 5 Me.)
Type of drive
Two counter-rotating unbalanced motors, ideal machine for the production of many separating fractions at medium capacities
Type of vibration
Linear vibration
Cleaning system
Double conically shaped bouncing balls between screen mesh and base
Screening media
Wire mesh
Production quantity
Min. 2 t/h (4,409 lbs/h)
Electrical power
Between 2.5 KW and 13 kW

The RHEstack® plansifter is available with …

  • parallel arrangement of the screen decks as technological units
  • screen frames as wooden or stainless steel constructions
  • hydraulic lift for easier maintenance
  • tensioning of the screen stacks using easy-to-maintain hydraulic tensioning systems
  • FDA compliance
  • bulk material diverter for optimizing the product infeed