Spiral Conveyor

Our robust vibrating spiral conveyors are designed for the vertical, material-protecting, energy- and space-saving conveying of bulk materials.

The spiral conveyor  RHElift is a special design of the vibrating feeder, which enables vertical conveying based on the vibratory conveyor technology. The conveyor track runs helically with incline around a torsion tube. They are mostly used in the chemical and food industries, but also in the raw materials industry. The material can be heated, dried or cooled during conveying.

Advantages of the RHElift spiral conveyor

  • Gentle on material
  • Energy and space saving
  • Drives are easily accessible

Product data

Conveying height
Up to 7.5 m (295.3 in.)
500 mm -1,400 mm (19.7 in. - 55.1 in.)
Type of drive
Two low-maintenance unbalance motors
Production quantity
Min. 0,5 t/h (1,102 lbs/h)
Electrical power
Between 3.0 and 14.0 kW

The RHElift spiral conveyor is available with …

  • spiral trough in stainless steel or carbon steel with corrosion-resistant or food-grade coating
  • drying, cooling or heating during conveying
  • FDA compliance