Material Distribution

The  RHEmid feeders for centered material distribution are installed upstream of the screening machines and ensure an even distribution of material on screening machines with a width of up to 4.4 meters. 

The innovative design consists of a vibrating inner part and a static housing. Low-maintenance unbalance motors generate the linear vibration required for material transport and are located outside the product zone, making them freely accessible and easy to maintain.

Advantages of the RHEmid material feeder

  • Optimizes downstream screening process through consistent material feeding
  • Consistent distribution of sharp and sticky materials
  • Drives are easily accessible
  • Static housing
  • Fixed flange connections ensure safe and dust-tight operation (ATEX)
  • Low energy consumption, as only the inner part vibrates

Product data

Screen widths
Up to 4,400 mm (173.2 in.)
Type of drive
Two low-maintenance unbalance motors
Type of vibration
Linear vibration
Production quantity
Min. 10 t/h (22,046 lbs/h)
Electrical power
Between 2.2 and 9 kW

The RHEmid material feeder is available with …

  • bulk specific wear lining for abrasive materials
  • FDA and ATEX compliance