Vibratory Sieve

Vibratory sieves of the type RHEmoto® are utilized for precise separations within the fine and medium particle size range, specifically for aggregates. With automatic cleaning and a significant number of motors, these screens ensure utmost reliability.

Maintenance-free unbalanced motors located outside the screen housing transmit high-frequency vibrations via swinging axes directly into the screen mesh. These elevated accelerations facilitate accurate separations, making this screen service for aggregates ideal for handling narrow particle size materials, including those with adhesive properties.

Advantages of the RHEmoto® vibratory sieve

  • No clogged screen meshes thanks to automatic cleaning
  • No dynamic loads thanks to static housing
  • Vibration amplitudes are freely adjustable
  • Quick exchange of screen cloths without entering the machine
  • Continued production even if one drive breaks down
  • Highly efficient energy transmission and therefore low energy consumption
  • Motor inspection possible during operation
  • Optimal separation of aggregates with narrow particle size distribution

Product data

Screen decks
Up to 5
Screen width
750 mm - 2,200 mm (29.5 in. - 86.6 in.)
Screen length
1,450 mm - 6,000 mm (57.1 in. - 236.2 in.)
Separation cuts
Approx. 1 - 10 mm (18 Me. - 3/8 in.)
Type of drive
Low maintenance unbalance motors
Type of vibration
Direct excitation of the screen mesh
Cleaning system
Automatic, adjustable cleaning cycles with accelerations of up to 8 g
Screening media
Wire mesh
Production quantity
Min. 5 t/h (11,023 lbs/h)
Electrical power
Between 0.52 kW and 3.9 kW

The RHEmoto® vibrating screen is available with …

  • noise insulation
  • continuous inclination adjustment
  • dust-tight housing with optional connection to dust extraction system
  • FDA and ATEX compliance
  • large inspection openings