Dewatering Sieve RHEhydra®

As the ultimate dewatering sieve for fine and finest solids, the RHEhydra® offers a unique extremely advantageous combination of the vibration types linear vibration and direct excitation. As a result, it achieves highest dewatering rates and optimized residual moisture contents in wet screening.

Powerful magnetic vibration heads enable high-frequency vibration and thus ensure maximum dewatering by overcoming cohesive forces. At the same time, low-maintenance unbalance motors ensure material transport even at low inclinations.

Advantages of the RHEhydra® dewatering sieve

  • Highest dewatering rates
  • Optimized residual moisture of approx. 8%
  • Saves additional drying and energy costs
  • Vibration amplitudes are adjustable during operation
  • Particularly flat construction
  • Quick exchange of screen cloths without entering the machine
  • Perfect for critical separations

Product data

Screen decks
Up to 2
Screen width
950 mm - 1,750 mm (37.4 in. - 68.9 in)
Screen length
1,100 mm - 3,600 mm (43.3 in. - 141.7 in.)
Separation cuts
Approx. 50 µm - 1 mm (270 Me. - 18 Me.)
Type of drive
Advantageous combination of electromagnetic vibration heads and two unbalance motors
Type of vibration
Direct excitation of the screen mesh with linear vibration for material transport
Cleaning system
Automatic, adjustable cleaning cycles with accelerations of up to 50 g
Screening media
Screen mesh combination of extra support and separating mesh for highest requirements
Production quantity
Min. 25 m3/h (6,604 gal/h)
Electrical power
Between 2.5 kW and 13 kW

The RHEhydra® dewatering sieve is available with …

  • feed box and spray system for wet classification
  • continuous inclination adjustment
  • large inspection openings