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Struggling with your old screening machine?

You must constantly invest time, energy and money in the maintenance of your screening machine and watch the quality and output of your production decline. Isn't it time for a replacement?

That' s how it works

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The wrong screening machine leads to production breakdowns and poor product quality.

Clogged screen cloths reduce the quality of your valued end product and must be cleaned continuously. In addition, machines are temporarily out of order and thus the entire production process is shut down due to constant repairs. The results are decreasing efficiency and wasted profits. Do you want to continue like this?

No, I don't

It's finally time for a replacement!

Or do you want to go home in peace and be sure that your production runs smoothly and that your screening machine does not breakdown again and brings production to a standstill?

That's what I want

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We'll take care of everything! Wir kümmern uns um Alles.

We'll explain to you how a 1:1 replacement works:

Are you already nervous about organizing a time-consuming, expensive replacement and dealing with all the details? But don't worry, we'll do it for you. If you didn't have anything to do with the replacement, would you have done it earlier?

In any case

We replace your old machine with a brand new, perfectly tailored one.

We take care of the entire replacement and replace your inefficient, outdated and defective vibrating screen with a new high-performance screening machine so that you can continue to produce without any worries. That would be something, wouldn't it?

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