Plant engineering and construction

Reduce investment risks with semi-mobile plants

Our approach to plant engineering and construction is based on a modular system of building blocks that our customers can combine according to their wishes and possibilities. We provide support and advice beginning with the initial concept, through the design, financing, construction and commissioning of the finished processing plant.

When planning the plant, we focus above all on efficiency. In addition to premium end products, the operators' wish list includes not only minimal losses in processing and avoidance of unnecessary water and energy consumption, but also simple operation and low maintenance costs.

With our pre-built modules we can reduce the project duration and thus reduce the investment risk of our customers. The planned plants can move within a few weeks and work completely self-sufficiently, if necessary.


RHEWUM's modular kit for plant engineering and construction

Project planning

  • Identifying customer requirements
  • Process design
  • Determination of location
  • Budget calculation
  • Profitability evaluation
  • Investment decision

Project realization

  • Delivery of the key components
  • Planning of the steel construction
  • Equipment control
  • Preparation of the purchasing specifications
  • Delivery of the steel structure
  • Electrical installation
  • Supply of all additional equipment such as conveyor technology, compressed air, etc.
  • Assembly of the machines and the steel construction
  • Lighting and lightning protection

Production start

  • Operational test of the system
  • Commissioning
  • Training of the operating staff

To secure and customize the process, we use our laboratory equipment as well as our test equipment. In order to avoid risks, we explicitly rely on reliable components and qualified partner companies. The input of our own resources, the company's own experienced specialists, enables a simple and fast implementation of a standard project. When such a semi-mobile plant needs to be extended by silos, a loading or packaging system, we can easily add these additional elements to the basic scope. Our plant planning is modular and therefore prepared for this. However, modern plants cannot do without automated control systems made by RHEWUM.

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