Reliable spare parts supply for your screening machines, feeders and conveyors

When your screening plant comes to a standstill, so does your production. If the production stops, you lose profits. Then your production must be restarted as quickly as possible. Hopefully you have the defective parts in stock, otherwise production will be stopped until the required parts are on site. This can take days or even weeks. Have you ever calculated how expensive such a production breakdown can become? Certainly more expensive than some spare parts.

We recommend instead to have the most important wear and spare parts on site as a precautionary measure in order to eliminate defects as quickly as possible. It is even safer to maintain your screening machines as a preventive measure and to replace components before they fail, in order to avoid a complete standstill.

A spare parts supply for machines that are decades old is not unusual for us - it is our daily business and reflects the longevity of our screening machines and feeders. Even if the detective investigation of the necessary parts might take some time, you can be sure that the spare parts perfectly match the original RHEWUM screening machine and that the quality is right.

In the unlikely event of a crash, use our 24/7 service which really helps you and provides all spare parts in stock promptly.

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