Technical app | RHEWUM ScreenSpector

Support during maintenance of your screening machine

The free app was designed for plant operators in order to support them handling their bulk materials. It can easily be downloaded from the App Store or at Google Play and combines the integrated equipment of smartphones or tablets with value-adding features - simple, fast and free of charge.

The helpful app offers users of screening machines the following four features:

1. VibFlash

With its flashlight the smartphone generates a stroboscopic light with a predetermined frequency. Thereby it visually records and investigates the vibrations of the respective unit. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for iOS so far.


2. MeshConverter

The MeshConverter allows to convert screening mesh widths from S.I. units into US measurement units. Furthermore, this function can convert mesh sizes into screen cuts for inclined screening machines with the help of the inclination sensor integrated in the device You will find the MeshConverter here.

3. VibSonic

This feature uses the installed microphone and records noise emissions of individual machines or units. Compliance with noise level limits as well as functional capability can easily and quickly be inspected.

4. SizeChecker

Using the integrated camera, the application measures and calculates the grain size distribution of bulk materials. The users can either utilize the predefined template for the frame or determine their own frame. This enables an uncomplicated inspection of the grain size distribution specifically tailored to their product size.

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