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Estimate the current output of our photovoltaic system.



in 1h
  • 0.00 l SuperPlus at the petrol station
  • 0.00 km with ICE3 (50% occupied)
  • 0.00 km with the Airbus 320 (80% occupied)
  • 0.00 kg NH3 (ammonia)
  • 0.00 kg H2 (hydrogen)
Generated power: 0 kW
Required power: 20 kW
Power from the grid: 20 kW
Your screening machine is currently executed 0% CO2-neutral!

CO2 Savings

t CO2
Since April 2022
in 1h
  • 1,664,690.00 km by car
  • 462,414.00 l SuperPlus
  • 520,216.00 l Diesel
  • 532,701.00 l Kerosene
  • 332.94 annual household consumption (2.500kWh)
Energy of the Future
Reduce. Reuse. Rhewum.

We screen for more than size:
e.g. for a positive impact on the environment.

We work hard at making the world a little bit better: by not wasting resources during production, by using renewable energy as much as possible, and last but not least by producing screening machines that save energy.


Solar energy in comparison

Wind energy:
A wind turbine produces an annual average of 4 - 10 GWh, which supplies 3000 - 8000 people.

Geothermal energy:
In Germany, there are 42 thermal power plants as of week 22 in 2021, nine of which generate electricity. These 9 power plants produce an average of 45GWh per year. There exist around 450,000 heat pumps close to the surface for home use, the number of which increases by about 25,000 per year.


Paint shop

Our modern paint shop cabins decrease heat loss by up to 55%, by using a cross heat exchanger to warm the influx of fresh air with heat gained from the exhaust air. This happens automatically depending on exterior temperatures.

As of 07/2021 we exclusively use water-based coatings. This caused a drastic reduction in the emission of solvents. Good for the environment, and good for our quality of coatings.


Technikum and new administration building

Our two new building now conform to the latest technological standards: Apart from modern air source heat pumps providing heating, the buildings feature automatic blinds. This saves energy both in winter and in summer.



Welcome to the control room of our photovoltaic system. Here, you will find interesting live data from our power generation.


Assembly hall

Our gates close automatically after 3 minutes to minimize the loss of heat that occurs during loading and unloading of trucks.

Energy efficient dark light radiators utilise the same principle as the sun for heating the hall: Instead of blowing hot air inside, warmth is produced where it is needed, on the floor.

Motion sensors dynamically adjust the lighting of workstations. Unmanned workstations switch off, which reduces the power cost of each workstation to 8kW.



As one of the largest consumers of electricity, the compressors switch themselves off and on independently outside our operating hours. During operating hours, the compressors of different sizes will start and stop operation depending on recent compressed air consumption. We use the resulting waste heat as an additional heat source in our production area.


Remote Service

We offer Remote Service for all service tasks, no matter whether you need our assistance for a planned or unplanned job. All you need is a mobile phone or tablet. How does that help the environment? We can assist you more quickly, and we save many air and road miles.


E-bikes for our employees

We offer our employees an inexpensive leasing opportunity for an e-bike, to use for cycling to work, as a positive start for each day.


Charging stations
for electric cars

Apart from producing our own solar generated electricity, we exclusively focus on power from renewable sources. Our employees as well as our business partners benefit from recharging their cars with 22kW of green electricity during their stay.