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Manufactured sand (M-Sand): applications and advantages

Due to the increasing demand for sand, especially in the construction industry, the raw material is becoming more and more valuable. The so-called manufactured sand is a very good alternative to natural sand. 

What is manufactured sand (M-Sand)?

Manufactured sand is also known as artificial sand. It is made from hard granite or quarry stones. Hard stones are crushed into uneven sand-sized angular shaped particles, swept and washed to be finely graded so they are easier to use as construction aggregate. M-Sand is manufactured in three stages: First, vertical shaft impact crushers crush stones of varying sizes into aggregates. This material is then fed into a machine to be crushed into sand. The grain size can be determined and adjusted to what is desired. Finally, dust particles are removed during the screening process.

What are the advantages of manufactured sand? 

  • M-Sand is a perfect alternative due to global scarcity of natural sand. The procurement of natural sand has become increasingly difficult and expensive. Furthermore sand dredging is banned or heavily taxed in many countries. 
  • M-Sand has a higher compressive and flexural strength. It is also free of clay, silt and dust. 
  • The physical properties of M-Sand are balanced, strong and can withstand harsh climatic conditions.
  • The cube-shaped particles provide better durability and higher strength. M-Sand also provides excellent workability. 

Are there any disadvantages to M-Sand?

Due to its manufacturing process, M-Sand may contain larger quantities of microfine particles than natural sand. This in turn may affect strength and workability. To ensure that the sand produced is of good quality, the final product should undergo a series of quality tests. It is also important that high quality and professional machines are used in the sieving process. For the highest quality product possible, we recommend the use of RHEWUM screening machines.



Recommended screening machines for sand



Uncomplicated screening machine for classifying sands at approx. 2 to 10 mm

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Fine and medium separations thanks to directly excited screen cloth by unbalanced motors

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Electromagnetic drives enable the most precise screening of critical separations in the fine particle range

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Quick facts – advantages of M-Sand

  • It is more cost effective than natural sand
  • It is less disruptive to the environment
  • It has well-working properties