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Obtain cat litter from clay, with the help of the RHEmid!

01.02.2023, Remscheid

All cat aficionados should be very familiar with cat litter, which is irreplaceable for keeping cats in a species-appropriate manner.

It is made from clay materials such as hormite or bentonite. A Belgian manufacturer of cat litter requested RHEWUM to carry out three separations of the feed material Hormit. In addition, it was requested that the screening process should minimize dust formation.In the RHEWUM pilot plant, tests with a material sample showed that the requirements could be met very well with a machine of the type RHEfino. This combination of the screening machines RHEsono and RHEmoto with direct excitation of the screen cloth is used for precise screening in the fine to medium grain range.
In order to ensure optimum feeding of the material onto the screening machine, an additional feeder of the RHEmid type was installed upstream. The test results convinced the manufacturer: RHEWUM was pleased to receive an order for the production of the plant. This decision was also favored by the fact that RHEWUM already had a number of experiences in screening cat litter.

How you benefit from the use of a RHEWUM screening machine, read here: Screening Machines & Vibrating Conveyors (rhewum.com)

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