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Air classifier

The RHEjet air classifier is ideal for classifying processes with high capacities and at the same time a very fine cut. 

The RHEjet air classifier combines the functional principles of a Sturtevant classifier and an Onoda classifier into a completely new classifier type. By means of CFD simulation of the expected particle flows, it was possible to achieve the design of a very high dust loading of up to 700 g/Nm3 and a pressure drop of only 9-12 mbar while achieving a sharp separation.

Advantages of the RHEjet air classifier

  • Perfect adaptability by adjustment of the volume flow, rotational speed, flap positions and feed rate
  • Dispersion of the solids before entering the classifying zone across several spreading discs optimizes the result
  • Ideal inflow to the impeller by deflector plates adjustable from the outside
  • Low pressure differences thanks to flow-optimized geometry ensures reduced operating costs due to lower energy consumption and low-wear operation

Product data

Separation cuts
20 μm to 200 μm (Approx. 635 Me. - 70 Me.)
Production quantity
2 t/h bis 35 t/h per unit (4,409 lbs/h - 77,162 lbs/h)

The RHEjet air classifier is available with ...

  • application-specific hardfacing, which guarantees the durability of all components
  • rotary valves, cyclones, filters and ventilators for optimum integration into the overall process

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