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Grain Size Measurement

The RHEsize is a compact analyzer for grain size measurement and particle shape analysis.

Since all particles are scanned, it offers a cost-saving alternative to conventional analytical screening. As the sample passes through the funnel and dosing chute and falls past the light source into the material outlet, the non-contact optical measurement is carried out. The distortion-free digital images required here, are produced in rapid succession by the camera, are processed electronically at the same time. The results obtained are automatically recorded and archived. 

Advantages of grain size measurement with the RHEsize

  • Perfect for continuous production monitoring and quality control of raw materials
  • Contact-free online measurement method using a line scan camera with high resolution provides extremely precise and reliable results
  • Display of trend curves and examination of compliance with grain size limits are possible
  • Robust design for use in industrially demanding environments
  • Results are automatically recorded electronically and archived

Product data

For dry bulk materials, particles and substances of any kind
Grain range
0.2 mm to 20 mm (Approx. 70 Me. - 3/4 in.)
Field of use
Production monitoring, quality control, research and development

The RHEsize is available with ...

  • multilingual software for easy operation, configuration and calibration of the system
  • connections to other industrial networks
  • automatic sampler for continuous and batch measurement