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Screening machines and equipment:
Quality made in Germany.

Wet screens | RHEWUM DFN

For many processing tasks the use of wet screens is required. The product in suspension is fed by a suitable feeding system (syphon, overflow pipe or similar) onto the screen width. The liquid used depends on the product and as it passes along the mesh it takes the fine particles to the outlet.

Desagglomeration with RHEWUM wet screens

This process is supported by the double-frequency direct excitation of the screen mesh which simultaneously ensures smooth transport of the coarse material. The flow movement of the liquid assists in deagglomerating the material. In many cases this can be boosted by an additional watering device. Since the RHEWUM DFN wet screen does not use air jets the used liquid can be recycled after sedimentation of the solids.

The DFN double frequency wet screens with additional wetting have proven to be extremely successful in ensuring perfectly clean product.

In addition, a static machine casing encloses the vibrating screening unit and enables fixed flange connections as well as a dust-tight screening process (FDA, ATEX).

Additional options are available to ensure the machine matches your exact requirements.