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Extension of the product portfolio by RHEWUM RHEmotox vibrating screen

Extension of the product portfolio by RHEWUM RHEmotox vibrating screen


Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

Two low-maintenance counter-rotating unbalance motors (GeniusDrivePlus) generate a linear motion that serves to transport the material. The additional direct excitation of the screen cloth by unbalance motors reliably prevents clogging of the screen lining by plugged grain, and at the same time it is less expensive than its sister machine RHEsonox.

Due to its powerful vibrations, the RHEmotox can fully exploit its design-related advantages best in the fine to medium grain range (0.5 mm-6.0 mm). The screen inclination as well as the vibrations on the screen cloth can be individually adjusted. This saves installation height and makes it universally applicable The RHEmotox is ideal for sticky screening materials. 

If you have any further questions about RHEmotox or our other screening machines, please use our contact form, call us: +1 (888) 4RHEWUM or send an email to info@rhewum.com 


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