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Delivery of 4 RHEsono® screening machines with pneumatic vacuum cleaning to Shanghai, China

14.12.2023, Shanghai, China

Valentina Weber, RHEWUM GmbH

Four RHEsono® vibrating screening machines equipped with pneumatic vacuum cleaning technology have been delivered to Shanghai, China. These machines are set to advance the sieving process for sorbitol, a widely used sugar substitute and food additive (E 420) in various industrially manufactured food products.

Each of the four RHEsono® sieving machines is equipped with three sieve decks and a remarkable processing capacity of 10 tons per hour. The sieving application involves sorbitol with three distinct particle size fractions: 1.25 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.28 mm. Sorbitol, also known as food additive E 420, glucitol or hexanhexol, belongs to the group of sugar alcohols, making it a crucial ingredient in the food industry as a sugar substitute, carrier substance, and moisture retention agent.

The Challenge of Sieving Sorbitol

Sorbitol processing can be a challenging task due to its sticky nature even when it has low moisture levels. This characteristic can lead to sieving complications, including mesh clogging, which can negatively impact product quality. To address this issue, RHEWUM's RHEsono® sieving machine was engineered with precision.

The high precision RHEsono® vibrating screening machine

The RHEsono® vibrating screening machine introduces a unique electromagnetic drive principle, delivering unmatched efficiency when sieving sugar substitutes like sorbitol and sugar alcohols. Its high-frequency vibration directly on the sieve mesh, combined with automatic cleaning pulses, ensures precise separation without clogging the sieve mesh.

Pneumatic Sieve Cleaning

A standout feature of these delivered RHEsono® machines is the inclusion of pneumatic sieve cleaning under negative pressure, also known as vacuum pneumatic. This method utilizes a vacuum to remove impurities or particles from surfaces. In industrial applications, it is employed to keep surfaces clean and is particularly useful in processes where materials are sieved to remove impurities. The system employs a technique, which uses compressed air to remove particles and impurities from the sieve openings. The compressed air is directed onto the sieve surface through nozzles or nozzle bars, effectively blowing away clogged particles.

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