High performance screen aggregates for the asphalt industry

05.06.2020, Remscheid, Germany

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

The winter period is used in the asphalt industry to carry out necessary repairs in asphalt plants. RHEWUM supplied various asphalt mixing plant operators with new DF screening units for the season.

In general asphalt is a mixture of minerals and bitumen as binder. In asphalt mixing plants asphalt mixes are produced by a thermal mixing process of mineral rocks, filler (rock flour), binder (bitumen) and if necessary additives for different requirements. Screening machines are required to classify the mineral rock for these processes.

Like for example the RHEWUM Double Frequency Screening Machine (short DF) - a high performance unit for screening in the medium and coarse grain range. The drive principle of the DF is based on the use of two vibration motors with different speeds. The product is loosened and mixed at the screen inlet due to the large vibration amplitude. The higher frequency at the screen outlet causes even difficult to screen material to be screened due to the higher acceleration. By changing the direction of rotation of the vibration motors at the inlet and outlet, the transport speed of the product can be changed.


Advantages include good accessibility to the screening unit through generous maintenance openings in the housing, good accessibility of the screen decks for screen mesh changes and low maintenance requirements thanks to the two freely accessible vibration motors. Even screening materials with high temperatures up to a maximum of 450°C can be processed on the DF without any problems.

Some asphalt mixing plant operators used the last winter break to replace their aging screening aggregates and to install new aggregates of RHEWUM type DF. These can be replaced easily without dismantling the whole screening machine housing.

The advantage of this exchange of screening aggregates is the precisely fitting production at our location in Remscheid with the delivery on schedule to the respective location of the mixing plant and the RHEWUM service for disassembly and assembly up to commissioning.


Are you also thinking about an exchange of your screening unit? Contact us now and make an appointment today for the replacement of your screen aggregate. We take care that your asphalt plants are well prepared for the 2021 season.

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