RHEWUM employees present a symbolic cheque to the Möhrchen charity for hot meals at school

RHEWUM supports children living in poverty

05.01.2022, Remscheid

Meike Schulz, RHEWUM GmbH

Remscheid charity „Möhrchen e.V.“ for hot meals at school receives donation for Christmas

Childhood poverty is problem also in Germany. And in Remscheid, the home town of RHEWUM. Many families often do not have enough money to pay for their children’s hot meals at school. The situation is of special concern for single parents – if you work full time, you cannot be home for lunch to cook a hot meal, and the wages earned are often not enough to send children to the school cantine or cafeteria five days a week. Especially not for single parent families with more than one child.

This is where „Möhrchen e.V.“ has been coming in since 2006, a private charity known officially as the „Förderverein Mittagstisch in Remscheider Schulen“ (Association for hot meals at Remscheid schools). Headed by the Remscheid mayor, Mr Burkhard Mast-Weisz, for a good 14 years „Möhrchen“ has been paying for hot meals for children who spend the afternoon at school in Remscheid, and lately, for their healthy breakfast as well. For a growing number of children, breakfast in the morning is no longer a given. But hungry students cannot concentrate well, and find it difficult to achieve good results at school. A vicious cycle of poverty and lack of education, which „Möhrchen“ seeks to break. We hope this wonderful project will continue with lots of love and success!

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