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Fertilizer producer optimizes screening process with new SV feeder


One of the world's leading suppliers of nitrogen-based fertilizers optimizes its screening processes with RHEWUM machines.

One of the end products, CAN (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate), known for its versatility in use, e.g. as preferred application for acid soils, is a widely used fertilizer. However, because of its hygroscopic property it depicts a problem for conventional screens, as they clog quickly.

RHEWUM was entrusted with the task of classifying this fertilizer efficiently and precisely into two fractions. Therefore the producer has been using vibration screening machines of the type RHEsono® since 2015, which prevent the agglomeration of the particles through their high frequency and the direct excitation of the screen meshes.

The anticipated quantity of bulk material of 400 tons per hour, is classified in the fractions of 2.5 millimeters and 4.5 millimeters. Essential for an efficient handling of such amounts, is an optimal distribution over the entire width of the screen, which is guaranteed with a SV-feeder.

For each of the four already existing WA screening machines, a SV feeder was manufactured to replace the feeder that was also made by RHEWUM and has been in operation since 1988. Because of its adapted dimensions to the machine and the statics in the outer housing there are were problems at the Installation.


Together with the customer an individual concept was developed to consider the demands on the feeders at the development.


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