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How to screen 300 tons of cane sugar per hour?

23.03.2017, Uttur

RHEWUM was faced with this task by the Indian Cane Power Limited (ICPL). For this purpose a screening plant with a combination of the type RHEsono® and RHEsonoU was delivered to India.

The fed 300 tons per hour are precisely classified by only two RHEWUM sieves into the five required fractions of 1.80 mm/ 1.20 mm/ 0.80 mm/ 0.45 mm and 0.25 mm. The electromagnetic drive that is specific to RHEWUM is particularly used for the fine separations of less than 1 mm, whereas the low-maintenance WAU drive is used for separating fractions of 1.80 mm and 1.20 mm. The screening plant is loaded by two SV feeders that each evenly distribute 150 tons of cane sugar per hour on the post-positioned screening machine. The discerning customer chose a high quality stainless steel design.

The ICPL was just founded in 2002 and has been growing since then from year to year thanks to the close collaboration with the local farmers, who provide the required sugar cane seeds. The plant of ICPL is located in Utter – a village in the North of the state Karnataka. Situated on a high plateau it is located in the middle of the “sugar strip” of India, which is the country with the second greatest sugar productions worldwide. The combination of raw materials, technology and a good infrastructure enables ICPL to be so successful in producing sugar in large quantities. Apart from sugar the plant also produces electricity and ethanol.


Do you want to learn more about sifting sugar? Obtain more information from our homepage or contact us directly. RHEWUM is looking forward to your request!

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