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Sieving of moist sand is a challenge - but not for RHEWUM!

25.01.2023, Remscheid

Screening of sand can become a special challenge for the screening machine if the feed material is moist. RHEWUM was asked by a German customer to test which product grades could be used to separate crushed limestone sand at a moisture content of 2.0% H2O.

1. Advantage: Directly excitable screen cloth

In the course of the tests in the RHEWUM pilot plant, it turned out that the moisture content of the feed material sometimes increased up to 2.5%. The wetter the sand, the more difficult it is for the screening machine to separate it in good quality. RHEWUM used a screening machine type RHEsono with direct excitation of the screen cloth. These machines have the advantage of being equipped with electromagnetic vibrating heads on the sides of the screen decks, which generate vibrations through an axis. The machine itself remains static, so that no dynamic loads occur. Vibration heads are also suitable for varying the vibration while the machine is running.


2. Advantage: Feeding through a feeder

The separation was prepared by an upstream feeder of the type RHEmid, which optimally distributed the feed material on the screening machine. The screening results of this process were ultimately convincing. RHEWUM was pleased to receive the order for such a plant.

More product details you can find here: RHEsono 

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