Semi-mobile screening plant for sand and gravel, type Liberty made by RHEWUM


Only certain fractions are required to produce sand and/or concrete. The industry differentiates between coarse sand (0.63 - 2.36 mm), medium sand (0.2-0.63 mm), fine sand (0.063-0.2 mm), silt (0.002-0.063mm) and fine clay, which is finer than 0.002 mm.

In the case of road construction, mobile crushing and mobile screening plants have already proven their worth for processing coarser classifications above 2 mm. However, this innovative concept has not yet been established successfully for finer separations. Typical vibrating screens are not able to optimally perform to these requirements. Only RHEWUM's directly excited screening machines RHEsono, RHEmoto and RHEfino, due to their design, can generate the high frequencies that are needed to screen out the unwanted fine fractions reliably.

Mobile sand classification with the RHEWUM Liberty Screen. (Source: RHEWUM)

If no sand is available at the construction site, gravel can be used for a semi-stationary processing plant. A proper arrangement of all components keeps the plant small and inexpensive, and it can be easily relocated after completion of the work. Then, the next gravel processing plant can process around 35 t/h of gravel into sand-ready-for-sale. Our know-how consists of combining proven individual components and turning them into a robust energy-efficient whole. The required sand is produced on site and therefore, high energy-consuming transports can be avoided.


Model of a semi-stationary sand processing plant

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