There we go: RHEWUM Roadshow India 2019


After the successful roadshow in India last year, our subsidiary RHEWUM India Pvt. Ltd. has again planned a roadshow through India this year.

If the customer cannot come to the screening machine, we just come to the customer with the screening machine - that was the idea of a mobile RHEsono®(U). This has already enabled us to carry out a successful roadshow in India last year. Various companies from the fertilizer, sugar and sand industries were visited.

Since the transfer of theoretical know-how and the demonstration of practical examples for screening fertilizers, sand and sugar were very well received, we have planned a continuation for this year.

In the first stage, at the end of December and beginning of January, companies from the fertilizer and sand industry were visited. In the fertilizer industry, we were able to achieve excellent screening results in the screening of NPK fertilizers with 4 mm and 1 mm separation cuts. We were also able to successfully demonstrate the screening of calcium phosphate at a company with a separation cut of 180 micrometres.

The second stage took place in mid-February. Here we demonstrated screening in the sand and sugar industry. During the screen demonstrations for crushed sand, we separated at 150 micrometers. In the sugar sector we graded from 150 micrometers to 800 micrometers

The roadshow will be continued by our Indian colleagues until the middle of March, when we will visit a total of 20 companies.

We look forward to being able to visit our customers on site and to the various requirements and tasks.


Roadshow India 2019 Roadshow India 2019

Roadshow India 2019 Roadshow India 2019

Roadshow India 2019 Roadshow India 2019

Roadshow India 2019

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